Growing Singing with other Childless Women**

A singing experiment anyone?

An opportunity to learn some gorgeous songs and connect with other wonderful women who share our story of childlessness in their own unique ways

**What do I mean by “childless women”? I mean women who are permanently involuntarily childless for any reason at all; women who have struggled with their childlessness; women who are childless by circumstance or infertility. This is not suitable for women who are delighted to be “childfree” or who are childless by choice or for women who are trying to conceive or going through the adoption process.


I need some help with an idea I have and am looking for some volunteer childless women** (see definition above).

I’ve run singing workshops face to face for 25 ish years and I LOVE doing it.  My very small business is entirely local to Kendal, Cumbria in the UK and details of that are elsewhere on this website.

Now I am recovering from the devastation of my own childlessness I wonder if I can use all I’ve learnt about getting people singing to help in a small way with other childless women’s recovery?  I wonder if bringing childless women together just to sing for the sake of the singing could help us all reclaim our voices in the widest possible sense and grow in confidence to be wholly our very best selves out there in our lives?

With your help, I’d love to try finding out if this is possible. With the approach of World Childless Week (14th to 20th September 2020) I’m going to experiment with this idea and want to invite some of you to join me – entirely for FREE and with no commitment whatsoever. This is aimed at any childless woman who loves the idea of singing – even if they believe they can’t! Watch the video below or look for more details below the video.

Explaining the singing experiment


  • This offer is exclusively for childless women** (see definition above) anywhere the time zones allow
  • On 6 Sundays from September to December this year
  • There’ll be 2 sessions of singing (morning and early evening in European time zones) on each of the 6 Sundays hosted on Zoom
  • Sessions will be 75 minutes long (ish)
  • They’ll include around 45-60 minutes of singing/preparing to sing and around 20-30 mins of connecting/social time. I’m being vague because I’ve not done exactly this before! so I’m expecting it to develop organically
  • We’ll learn lovely, short, accessible songs which include several different parts that sound gorgeous all together.
  • We’ll be singing along to recordings I’ve made in advance so that you can hear all the parts alongside each other and sing along as if you were singing with the gathered women
  • You’ll be singing at home, unheard by others, but (hopefully!) enjoying the connecting process of learning and singing “together” with others
  • You’ll get opportunities to connect by talking with each other in the group
  • This offer is FREE.   It’s offered exclusively to childless women. It costs you nothing and there is no commitment whatsoever. 
  • What I would like is your feedback to really see if the singing sessions can be fun, moving, uplifting and help you gain or regain confidence and joy in using your voice


  1. Note the times/dates of these sessions in your diary (listed below). They’re all Sundays. There’s no need to come to more than one.
  2. Contact me by emailing so that I can put you on the email mailing list (after asking you a couple of introductory questions so I can double check I’m not talking to a robot)
  3. Bring along your willingness to give it a go!
  4. At the start of a timetabled session, you would click the zoom link in the invitation I’d send
  5. Over the September-December period you could come along to as many or as few as you like. You might pop along to just one session or a few over the weeks, or come to all 6 dates, or even come to all 12 (the times would allow Europe-based women to come twice on a Sunday if they chose to)


If the experiment were successful:

  1. You would learn some gorgeous, simple songs in different parts – the kind of songs that it’s rather lovely to have in your head as you muddle through life, (as we all do!)
  2. You would get a chance to make connections with other childless women who like singing
  3. You might even gain or re-gain the confidence to join a choir or singing group locally to you. That’s when the joy of singing together really comes into its own! And you might find you want to include singing with others in your “Plan B” (as Jody Day calls it in her wonderful book “Living the Life Unexpected). 
  4. Who knows? You might even start dreaming of starting a group near you! (and I can definitely help with your thoughts of that)


  • Come and sing with us – simple as that?
  • Come and sing just for fun?
  • Come and sing because you like the idea of singing but don’t do it often enough?
  • Come and sing even though you believe you “can’t sing”?  (Can I assure you that you can?)
  • Come and sing because you have always loved singing and are curious about this idea?
  • Come and learn some new songs – gorgeous songs, uplifting songs, meditative songs and maybe even some silly songs
  • Come and sing completely for free and help me work out if this idea could be fun/helpful/lovely on an on-going basis


I’m running the same (well more or less!) session twice on each Sunday to allow for different time zones I hope.  You are welcome to come to both Sunday sessions if the times can suit you.  All the times below are expressed for the UK click here to see what time that is where you are

  • Sunday 27th September 10am
  • Sunday 27th September 6pm (a planned repeat of the earlier session that day)
  • Sunday 11th October 10am
  • Sunday 11th October 6pm (a planned repeat of the earlier session that day)
  • Sunday 25th October 10am
  • Sunday 25th October 6pm (a planned repeat of the earlier session that day)
  • Sunday 8th November 10am
  • Sunday 8th November 6pm (a planned repeat of the earlier session that day)
  • Sunday 22nd November 10am
  • Sunday 22nd November 6pm (a planned repeat of the earlier session that day)
  • Sunday 6th December 10am
  • Sunday 6th December 6pm (a planned repeat of the earlier session that day)

WHO AM I? (Clare)

  • I’m someone who just loves singing with others and gets genuine delight from taking a disparate bunch of people from knowing nothing of a song to thoroughly enjoying singing a song they love
  • I’ve been doing this kind of work nearly 25 years – since 1994/5 when, having met and experienced the work of Frankie Armstrong and then, studying for a Certificate in Music Workshop Skills at Goldsmiths, I began a singing project at a London day centre for homeless women and was immediately hooked
  • I’m a member of the Natural Voice Network and we believe that singing is a birthright – NOT the reserve of those with special skills or learning
  • In Kendal since 2011 I’ve been running lovely, friendly, singing-for-wellbeing groups where we learn a variety of songs just purely for the joy of it and we don’t aim to perform
  • I’m also a member of the Gateway Women community online founded by Jody Day, author of “Living the Life Unexpected” (an extraordinarily helpful book if you are exploring your own childlessness)
  • I attended a Reignite Weekend in 2017 and did Gateway Women’s 12 month Online Bee course completing in March 2019 (a course I could not recommend enough). For more details of all these please see
  • Now I’m wondering whether my experience of leading singing and my experience of recovering from my own childlessness can come together to enable me to help other women find and enjoy their own voices


I asked my existing (face to face) groups what they like about Growing Singing and among their answers was:

“It makes me feel happy.   I like the variety of music.  It makes me laugh.”

“The camaraderie. Feeling part of a group. Lovely sense of achievement. Helps to leave the stress behind

Your good humour!  I feel so good at the end of the evening and sing all the way home – very uplifting!

“The accepting atmosphere you create, Clare” 

 “Now don’t blush but your teaching style is excellent – always come away uplifted

The supportive atmosphere, which follows from your positive and encouraging approach. It feels safe to make mistakes

“The pace- feels fairly brisk but not hurried

You are so patient when we need something repeated; this means we feel we can sing with confidence. You also seem to know when to challenge us, which is good


Just send me a message to saying you’re interested. Please note this experimental offer is available only to childless women** (see definition above).

I will get back to you on the email address you contact me from within a couple of days (please check your spam or email again if you don’t hear from me, it will be a tech issue! I promise I wouldn’t ignore your message)