1. Growing Singing Childless & Whole Welcome!

You are so welcome!

If you’re anything like me it may take a moment (or 7) to get used to this website and how to navigate around it.

  1. There’s a GSC&W Members’ Page where, below the title, are listed any Blog Posts I’ve written (really just test posts so far).
  2. When you click on one of the Blog Posts you can see the full post and at the bottom you are able to comment on it, if you want to. A few test comments would be good for me as I get used to doing this! So please feel free to comment if just to say “hello”.
  3. When you’re reading a Blog Post you can also navigate to the other posts by just clicking on the links to the other ones below the first, if that makes sense. There’s a little bit of text that says “Test Post 1” or whatever.

This is all new to me too and developing organically! For now, I’m really looking forward to getting back to the singing bit and leaving the technicalities aside for a while. See you on a Zoom singing soon I hope.

Clare x

Childless & Whole Test Post 3

A yukky technical one with me trying to see what difference it makes having different settings when I’m recording a video. Don’t bother watching!

A link to a video on YouTube.

And the same video, embedded.

Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla just seeing what happens if I write more and how it looks when there’s more text underneath the video. If any of you are reading this nonsense, then THANKS for having a go. I will get faster at this as I get used to it and see whether any of it is worth publishing even privately to just you all!

Childless & Whole Test Post 2

In total we’ve had 11 sessions of Growing Singing Childless & Whole (though before giving the project that name, we just called them all “experimental”) and each one has been just lovely to host. Thank you!

We had 8 sessions while “experimenting” after the launch in World Childless Week in September 2020 and another on the eve of Christmas eve and the latest 2 were on January 24th/25th.

The plan is to have them weekly in blocks of a few at a time so do look at the dates carefully to know which ones to put in your diary.

A link to a video on YouTube.

And the same video, embedded.

Childless & Whole Test Post 1

Hello new members. I’m learning how to add posts here and my learning may be slow! Bear with me while I offer a few test posts.

This is one that has a link to that first video I made of “Hold you in our circle” by Emily Roblyn. I won’t always make the videos myself as, often, the composer has made a much better one so I’ll give you a link to that in case you want to sing some of the songs between sessions.

A link to the video on YouTube.

And the same video, embedded.

“Hold you in our circle” by Emily Roblyn