Pub/Club Singing Sessions around Kendal

Songclub at Burgundy’s Wine Bar (Kendal)

Every first Tuesday of the month at Burgundy’s Wine Bar on Lowther Street, Kendal from 8pm a bunch of performers get together and sing songs at each other for a few hours! What’s not to like? If you like to perform a song now and then come down and join us and join in. There are songs in any style whatsoever. When we say “perform” what we mean is that you’ll be presenting a song you’ve rehearsed but the atmosphere is lovely, informal and very supportive and we love joining in songs so don’t feel intimidated by the idea of performing. Duos, trios etc are very welcome too – but all of it is acoustic (meaning we don’t have any amplification) – and is focussed on singing songs rather than instrumentals (though occasionally an instrumental creeps in and we love it!)

Sandra and Steve’s Monday afternoon club at The Eagle and Child (Staveley)

On a Monday afternoon (I need to check the time) Sandra and Steve (of Quartz) run a singing/folk session upstairs. I think it runs 2pm to 5pm but email me if you need to know more precisely.  Everyone welcome to perform.

Staveley Folk Club (Staveley)

On the second Friday of the month – a new folk club started up in Staveley in 2015 I think. There will be a small charge for entry to build up some funds to be able to pay guest artists now and then, but initially, it was being run as a singaround. They are using the lovely “River Bar” which is upstairs and through the Brewery from the Brewery next to Wilf’s in Mill Yard. And annually they also organise the Lake District Folk Weekend.