Other Opportunities

The details of our singing groups are linked to here but these are not be to everyone’s cup of tea (wrong teacher? wrong song-styles? wrong venue? wrong night of the week?) and we really don’t want you to give up there and not sing, so we list here as many singing opportunities as we have found around and about. Good luck finding yours!

We aim to group these in a meaningful way, but do let us know if a group is in the wrong section. Click on the links to find out more.

If you know of other regular choirs, singing groups or clubs where people get to sing – anything we should include here – then email us with the details so that we can add them here. Thanks!

The Natural Voice Network (national and international)

The NVN (Natural Voice Network) is a network of other singing leaders like ourselves. It began to be founded by a group including Frankie Armstrong around 1996 and now numbers 100s of leaders around the UK and elsewhere in the world who believe singing is a birth right and should not be restricted only to those with “trained” voices or those who can read written music. Most of those leaders run singing groups and choirs as well as one-off events like singing days and singing holidays. Have a good look at their website and you’re almost bound to find something of interest to get you singing.

Pandora’s Handbag

We occasionally perform as a foursome of lovely women, Pandora’s Handbag, (based around Kendal but will travel!) who just love singing! Get in touch with us if you’d like us to perform at an event or something. We’re easily persuaded to get up and sing.

Singing Groups with weekly commitment and drop in formatĀ 

We have a page with all the weekly singing groups and choirs around Kendal and a little further afield that we’ve heard of.

Groups with a Specific Health Focus

Take a look at our page with all the singing groups around Kendal that have a specific health focus – use the contact details provided to find out more.

One-off Workshops Around and About

Click here to get to a page with a variety of pointers to people locally who occasionally or regularly run singing workshops for a day or evening just as a one-off with no commitment involved – use the contact details provided to find out more.

Performance Opportunities/Pub Sessions/Clubs

Click here to get to details of lovely pub sessions where you can perform a song and have a drink!

Individual one-to-one Singing Lessons

Occasionally there can be reasons why you might want to have some one-to-one attention to “find your voice” or to develop it. We don’t offer that ourselves. There are quite a few people locally who can offer individual singing lessons and we’re very happy to pass on details of people who do. You’d then arrange a sample lesson or two to see if they feel good to work with.

Click here to get to details of teachers who offer one-to-one lessons.