One-Off Workshops and Singing Events

There are quite a few leaders locally who run one-off singing workshops now and then and therefore it’s worth getting in touch with them to see when they’re running something. I’ve just put a few pointers below. Google! to find out more.

I’m still working on this page – check back here another time if you’re interested.

Singing for Larks logo

Singing For Larks – Faith Watson

You’ll hear me say this often! I cannot recommend Faith Watson enough. She is a very wonderful clear, supportive leader of songs and she is a genius of an arranger and therefore has a huge repertoire of arranged songs that are such a pleasure to learn. If you get a chance (and she does come near Kendal now and then) to go to one of her day workshops or weekends then take it! You won’t regret it.

Soup & Sing logo

Soup and Sing workshops with Sarah Gray and Alison Scott

These sound lovely and though I haven’t had a chance to get to one yet some of the people I sing with have and speak very highly of them. They run them in Mosedale, Cumbria and also in Ingram Valley, Northumberland. They are a pure treat I gather, you just go along and sing and share a meal made for you. What’s not to like? For directions, dates and other enquiries call Sarah on 07832 118718 or email her on

Sacred Harmony Singing

Harmonic Temple with Sasha and Paddy Garrigan

Sasha and Paddy have run a few of these as one-off workshops and just occasionally have invited up Nickomo and Rasullah who the originators of Harmonic Temple singing.