The Growing Singers

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A friendly, fundraising choir, sharing their LOVE of singing.

For people wanting to be part of a performing community choir using singing in positive ways to change their local and wider world for the better


  • Develop your singing skills in a supportive environment?
  • Work gently towards some singing performances to fundraise for local causes?
  • Share your love of singing with your community?
  • Contribute positively to your local community just by doing one of the things you love – singing more?
  • Fill your head with a repertoire of gorgeous songs?
  • Spend time with a friendly group of positive people?



  • Frustrated that you’re not singing or not singing enough?
  • Sorely missing the singing you used to do long ago in school or church?
  • Envious of all these people now performing in lovely choirs?
  • Longing to be involved in a positive movement of like-minded singing people?
  • Uncomfortable with the conflicts and wrangling in society and wanting to DO something positive and unifying by singing with others?
  • Daunted by the idea of formal choir membership and searching for something more light-hearted?

WHO AM I? (Clare)

  • I’m someone who just loves singing with others and gets genuine delight from taking a disparate bunch of people from knowing nothing of a song to thoroughly enjoying singing a song they love. 
  • I’ve been doing this kind of work nearly 25 years – since 1994/5 when, having met and experienced the work of Frankie Armstrong and then, studying for a Certificate in Music Workshop Skills at Goldsmiths, I began a singing project at a London day centre for homeless women and was immediately hooked.
  • In Kendal since 2011 I’ve been running lovely, friendly, singing-for-wellbeing groups where we learn a variety of songs just purely for the joy of it and we don’t aim to perform.
  • Now I’m hankering after something that “grows singing” even more in Kendal – a performing, fundraising choir that gets even more people singing – and I’m looking for singers to join me. I’m calling this new choir The Growing Singers.


I asked my existing groups (some years ago now!) what they like about Growing Singing and among their answers was:

“It makes me feel happy.   I like the variety of music.  It makes me laugh.”

“The camaraderie. Feeling part of a group. Lovely sense of achievement when it all comes together. Helps to leave the stress behind

Your good humour!  I feel so good at the end of the evening and sing all the way home – very uplifting!

“The accepting atmosphere you create, Clare” 

I like the really friendly large group.  It is a great way of being able to sing with people who make a very good sound when you are a bit self conscious, don’t have a strong voice (i can stand next to people who do!), don’t like feeling exposed but love the idea of singing with others

“Now don’t blush but your teaching style is excellent – always come away uplifted

The supportive atmosphere, which follows from your positive and encouraging approach. It feels safe to make mistakes

“The pace- feels fairly brisk but not hurried

You are so patient when we need something repeated; this means we feel we can sing with confidence. You also seem to know when to challenge us, which is good


The Growing Singers is my name for this new performing choir which is a little different to my current groups.

  • Life is no bowl of wholly ripe and sweet cherries. It never has been and never will be for any of us.  And I love the idea that by singing together – and getting others singing – we can make some indefinable positive difference to ours and others’ lives
  • This is about sharing singing, not just about performing songs and yes, we’ll be performing
  • This is about having a positive effect on our local community by sharing both our songs and our love of singing
  • We’ll learn gorgeous songs and keep up that repertoire of songs to be able to perform them
  • We’ll sing a lot of course!
  • We’ll sing in a supportive environment
  • We’ll all be developing our ability to share our love of singing with others locally by arranging performances at which we get others singing


  • There will be a minimum of 30 meetings a year at which we learn songs and improve the sound of our song repertoire together preparing them for performance
  • You’ll be invited to sing at a minimum of 2 community events a year at which we share songs and do some fundraising for local causes
  • You’ll have constant access to the members’ area of the website with all the words and song parts for everything we’re learning so that if you miss a session you can catch up and not miss out
  • You’ll learn a lovely variety of songs from all sorts of singing traditions that are great fun to sing in several parts. This will include beautiful arrangements of well-known and rarer songs. You’ll keep singing the same songs so that repertoire of songs builds over time
  • You’ll experience the delightful challenge of learning new songs and improving on established repertoire
  • You’ll be taking on the learning of more challenging and rewarding songs than those we learn in my current Tuesday drop-in group
  • You’ll be part of a friendly local community of people who love singing
  • You’ll already be fundraising just by your membership of the choir as I’m donating 5% of all membership subs straight to GROWING WELL , a local charity I have a particular personal and professional affinity with.
  • You’ll also be raising funds for other charities that we agree together.


STARTED?            Tuesday 21st April 2020 (Yes, we started online despite the Covid 19 thing!)

WHEN?                    Tuesday evenings between 7pm and 9pm


WHERE?                  Currently on Zoom (planning to meet in Kendal Unitarian Chapel School Room, when possible)

All the session dates for 2020 are below.

  • Tuesday 21st April
  • Tuesday 28th April
  • Tuesday  5th May
  • Tuesday 12th May
  • Tuesday 19th May


  • Tuesday 16th June
  • Tuesday 23rd June
  • Tuesday 30th June
  • Tuesday 7th July
  • Tuesday 14th July


  • Tuesday 22nd September
  • Tuesday 29th September
  • Tuesday 6th October
  • Tuesday 13th October
  • Tuesday 20th October


  • Tuesday 3rd November
  • Tuesday 10th November
  • Tuesday 17th November
  • Tuesday 24th November
  • Tuesday 1st December


£23 a month BUT!

We started with an introductory offer and a super group of 38 people! That’s the basis on which this term is being run. The £23 a month starts in September and will be paid on a monthly basis by direct debit using a system called Go Cardless.