Individual Singing Lessons

This page is always in progress . . . . check back for more as we hear about them . . . . ​and please feel free to let us know of other singing teachers locally.

We’re trying to gather information about people who offer individual singing lessons one-to-one so that if you are feeling that would help you to either find your singing voice or develop it then you’ve got a place to start looking.

It’s very personal whether one teacher “works for you” – we’ve tried a couple of times to have lessons and have not always found them as helpful as we’d hoped, but it’s well worth trying some out if that’s what you’re looking for.

The people below all offer individual lessons and we’ve picked up or been sent the details below to help you find them. Enjoy the process of finding your lovely teacher! For the moment, they are simply listed in no particular order and you might find any of them working online as well as in person. Ask them directly.

Hannah Strong 

Hannah, of Hannah Strong Vocals, has been teaching singing for 12 years, and specialises in 1-1 musical theatre vocal training for teenagers. She also has singing groups for children aged 8-18. Please email for any further information.

Janet Swan

Janet Swan leads one to one sessions for people who would like to focus on breath support for singing and especially if you find yourself short of breath (when singing or otherwise). Janet was a Speech and Language Therapist before becoming a choir leader and has undertaken Singing for Breathing training with The British Lung Foundation. She has also worked through the importance of breath in her own life, and is keen to help anyone recovering from post viral fatigue or Covid19. Very short sessions can be arranged.
Contact Janet on 07777 686648 / / 

Anastasia Micklethwaite
Anastasia Micklethwaite


Anastasia Micklethwaite (based in Casterton)

Anastasia and I haven’t met (yet!) but she runs a number of local choirs I’ve heard great things about. She teaches both in Kirkby Lonsdale and in Askam in Furness.
“I’ve been teaching singing 1:1 for around 26 years and have experience with all age groups, from primary through to adults, those that wish to sing for pleasure, or do exams, prepare for university, music college, GCSEs, A levels, shows, National Youth Choir auditions etc. My ABRSM pupils have a 100% pass rate (most with Merit or Distinction) and I have had many, many students successfully audition for NYCGB”. Click on Anastasia’s name which is a link to her website.

Sarah Gray

Sarah is based in north Cumbria and runs the Soup and Sing sessions mentioned on One-Off Workshops page. Sarah Gray 07832 118718 or

She says “I teach singing, lead workshops and offer ‘choir clinics’ throughout Northumberland, Cumbria and Scotland. I teach people with all levels of experience (including none!) and coach singers through Trinity Guildhall grades up to Grade 8. I teach in Penrith every 5 weeks or so.

Our ‘Soup and Sing’ workshops (led with Alison Scott) held quarterly in Mosedale and Ingram Valley are very popular, and recently I have been collaborating with a yoga teacher to offer a unique ‘Stretch and Sing’ workshop which combines yoga and singing technique. If you have a group of friends interested in this we would happily come over to Cumbria”

For details and costs telephone Sarah on 07832 118718 or email

Michael Harper

Sarah Gray (just above) sometimes organises lessons in Cumbria with Michael, a countertenor based in London. He’s just lovely! I had a few lessons with him when I was living in London myself. You might want to try finding out from Sarah when he’s next up and treat yourself to a lesson with him.