Drop In Chorus Sessions

A taste of what it’s like!

Please email to join the mailing list. That way you’ll get term dates, song details and be told if something prevented us running a group for any reason.

We cannot recommend enough that, if you like singing and fancy doing a bit more, you try coming along to one of our relaxed drop in Chorus singing groups. You have three different weekly opportunities to choose from and we cover the same songs in these three sessions. 

Mid-Morning Chorus  (Monday)- 10.30am-12.00 noon  ** NEW ADDITION from September 25th 2023 **

Twilight  Chorus (Monday) – 7.00pm -8.30pm – restarts Monday 25th September 2023

Dawn Chorus (Tuesday) – 9.30am-11.00am – restarts Tuesday 26th September 2023

We’ve been running drop in groups in Kendal since 2011 and we always welcome new voices. 

Come along to a taster session for free just to see if it’s your kind of thing.

As always with our drop in sessions there are no auditions, there’s no need to read music and there’s no performing or solos. For this group, you can just turn up and there’s no need to commit to coming to sessions regularly as you can just drop in to as many as you like.  So if, for any reason, you can’t make your usual time, pop along to one of the others that week and you’ll probably see familiar faces and certainly be singing some familiar songs.

We’ll learn short, easy, satisfying songs and work on some more challenging ones all just for the sake of the singing.

We learn songs entirely by ear (repeat after me style) so there’s no need to read music and all of it is a capella which just means we don’t use instruments or backing tracks and sing unaccompanied in the room. Songs are from a wide variety of singing traditions and sources but all are wonderful to sing in glorious harmony.

HOW MUCH?: It costs £7 a time (or pay less. We really don’t want anyone to miss out because of money worries so if, for you, that is more than you can afford, then just pay what you can).

WHERE?: We meet at Kendal’s Town Hall right in the centre of town. Come into the Town Hall and there are signs up telling you where we are exactly as the room sometimes changes.

WHAT TIME?: We aim to be starting singing promptly so feel free to come 5 or 10 mins earlier to find the room and settle in. 

Please email to join the mailing list.

The term dates do NOT always fit in with school terms and holiday times. Please ask before turning up just to make sure we are meeting that day.

(Updated 28th August 2023)