Introducing Growing Singing

Do you like the idea of singing but just not often do it?  Or perhaps you already do a lot of it but would like to try a different approach. There’s no excuse not to sing (or sing more) if you’d like to, there are so many opportunities locally.

We’re back in person singing in The Town Hall with Covid Guidelines in place. Just get in touch with Clare to get those guidelines.

I’m Clare Elleray Mee and I think singing (if you like singing of course!) is good for you – physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, spiritually and musically – I believe it’s really beneficial just to have a blooming good sing. There are a lot of excellent opportunities in Kendal and South Lakeland and all over the UK and, if you’re tempted by one, I recommend you just give it a go.

Click on the video on this page to see me, and some of my groups in action.

I run a few of these singing opportunities myself and, for my own groups, all you need to bring is your willingness to sing. There’s no need to read music and we learn glorious harmony songs from around the world in a huge variety of styles with a friendly bunch of others. We are singing purely for wellbeing as opposed to performance or recording. (Though if you are interested in a choir that does perform from time to time take a look at The Growing Singers page.)

Singers from Kendal took part in Sing for Water North West
A big group of us from Kendal and around added our voices to the 500 or so at Sing for Water North 2015. What an occasion!

On a Monday evening, Growing Singing Kendal is now back to meeting at Kendal’s lovely old Town Hall. The Monday group is drop in at the moment. Come to any session you’d like to! No need to commit. And you’re always welcome to come along for a free taster.

On a Tuesday morning, you can just drop in to join the Growing Singing Dawn Chorus. No commitment, just for fun.

The Growing Singers is paused at the moment but will be running on a Tuesday evening. This is different from the other 2 groups as the plan is to get out and do some performing as soon as we are able to. We began the choir on Zoom on April 21st 2020 and paused it again in September 2020 to wait out the pandemic. This group is more of a commitment than the others as the idea is that you come to the sessions and also commit to working outside the sessions to really learn your part and words so that it will be ready to perform at some point.

A completely new group called Growing Singing Childless & Whole is launched on Sunday 7th March 2021. Read all the details about that and contact me directly if this might interest you. This is also paused at the moment.

The above are regular groups but I also run or get involved in some occasional One-off Events where, for instance, I encourage another workshop leader to come and run a singing day that locals to Kendal can access. We’ve also taken part in Sing for Water North in some years. That was run as a virtual choir in this strange 2020 year and you can see the lovely Moon River video that resulted here.

Look around the website to find all sorts of local singing opportunities on offer. Look especially at the Other Opportunities page if you’re looking for other choirs locally.