Please think first!

Please have a little think about the following 10 questions before joining us.

I really don’t want you to join something you won’t thoroughly enjoy and there are differences between this and my established groups on Monday evening and Tuesday morning.

This may not be your thing and that’s fine!   This will be a bit more committed, a bit more challenging and it won’t suit all of you. 

My current groups are not changing. If you’ve been loving them as they are – the lack of pressure to perform, the lack of pressure to learn words, etc etc – then please stay where you are! 

Can you answer YES to all these?

  1. Are you feeling quite confident that in a group of singers you can sing your part and have a fair sense of rhythm? YES
  2. Are you a team player who can listen and take responsibility for your learning? YES
  3. Can you commit to attending for at least a year? We all know stuff happens and it might not work out like that, but is that your intention as you now plan to join the choir? YES
  4. Do you want to develop your singing skills in a choir and are you prepared to do some practice between sessions? YES
  5. Do you have time to learn the songs? YES
  6. Are you open to hearing that you’re not performance ready if you don’t fully know your part or the words to a song? YES
  7. Can you commit to coming to as many sessions as possible, arriving at the sessions in good time and, if you can’t come, will you take responsibility for catching up on what you’ve missed by using the website? YES
  8. Do you check your emails regularly and will you keep up to date with choir business on email and on the website? (That’s the way I’ll stay in touch – email and via the website) YES
  9. Are you prepared to be part of a team and assist with some practical aspects of group organisation now and then? This could involve helping set up and/or sort out the rehearsal room, helping organise gigs, helping fundraise, designing publicity and/or thinking about outfits. This will really help me, Clare, to concentrate mainly on the song leading. YES
  10. Are you prepared to keep any song details/music/words to yourself and choir members so they are not distributed outside the group? (This is vital for copyright and licensing reasons) YES

If you’re happy to answer YES to all those questions then. One more question:

11. Do you have any questions for me before you pay to join? Email me and ask. Do! I can’t know what your concerns are unless you tell me. Send me an email and ask anything about the choir on your mind. Maybe I’ll end up with one of those “frequently asked questions” pages for future members.

Are you ready now? The link below will take you to a payment system called Go Cardless where you’ll complete your bank details and the payment will be taken by Direct Debit from your account. This £50 introductory offer will pay for your choir membership from April 2020 to August 2020 and then, from 1st September 2020 we’ll set up a monthly direct debit for £23 a month.