1. Growing Singing Childless & Whole Welcome!

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6 thoughts on “1. Growing Singing Childless & Whole Welcome!”

    • Many thanks Elspeth.

      Not sure I’ve done anything quite so scary since I joined Gateway Women (admitting “publicly” that I was still pretty sad about being CNBC), or maybe when I signed up for a new job in Italy as a 20-something, or any number of other scary things I’ve done in life. I’m going to be so blooming glad to get to the singing bit instead of all this nerve-wracking set up stuff!

      Thanks to anyone and everyone for their patience as I muddle through this bit!


  1. Wow, Clare, I can see why it took a while to get this all set up! It all looks amazing, and works absolutely fine. Congratulations and so looking forward to singing with you again on SUnday. xx

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